2018 Flathead Tween Camp ~ June 30 - July 3

Tween camp is a great opportunity for those campers entering grades 4 - 6 to create and grow their love of God.  Tweens come to camp to create relationships with others, experience the beauty of Flathead and God’s love in one another and themselves, and most importantly, have fun! 

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If your camper's dietary needs require the preparation of special meals (vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free) there is an additional $5 per day charge to cover the camp's cost of the food.  If the camper can manage the dietary restrictions on his/her own, or will bring their own food for us to prepare, this is not required.  Questions?  Contact camp manager Jerran at manager@flatheadlake.org or 406-833-3463.  

My camper has no known food allergies and no dietary restrictions. Please check this box only if you have not checked one of the above.
General Health
Physical Conditions

Please note any physical conditions to which the camper is suseptible or is currently experiencing and any limitations that may keep your camper from fully participating at camp (headaches, back pain, etc.). Please note any other conditions to which this camper is susceptible (homesickness, hyperactivity, etc) that may affect his/her experience at camp.


List any medications, prescription and non-prescription, the camper will bring to camp and any special dosage information or requirements (i.e.with food, # of times a day, before bedtime, etc).

Specific Care Requirements

If your camper has specific care requirements / diagnoses, such as ADD/ADHD, seizures, social issues, limited direct sunlight, sleep disorder, etc, please note what they are and how you manage care at home.

Anything else we should know?

This section is for you to tell us anything that may be helpful. Additionally, are there any recent significant events in this camper's circle of family or friends (divorce, death, etc) that may impact his/her camp experience?

I agree.

By checking this box, you are indicating to us that the information you have provided is correct to the best of your knowledge as of the date you submit your registration. If anything changes before camp, you agree to inform us by email at gail.tronstad@gmail.com or in person at camp registration.

*Photo/Media Release

I give permission for photographs, video, or other images of the youth to be used by the Yellowstone Annual Conference or Flathead UM Camp for the website or other publicity, printed or electronic.

I have read and shared this 2018 Covenant with my camper.

This covenant is an agreement between everyone at the retreat – about how we will live together. 

Please read it carefully.

This event is an experience in Christian living. Therefore, I am willing to assume these responsibilities, which will require certain behavior the entire time I am at camp.

I will be responsible for myself and the following:

• I will be honest and expect the same of others.

• I will attend all scheduled activities and meet time commitments unless excused by an adult staff or chaperone.

• I will go to bed, stay in bed, and be quiet from lights out until scheduled wake-up.

• I will take no unnecessary risks nor will I encourage others to do so.

• I will stay drug, alcohol, and tobacco free, except for prescription drugs listed on my medical consent and over-the-counter drugs provided by adult staff or chaperones.

I will be responsible for others by agreeing to the following:

• I will take into consideration the rights and feelings of others and respond to them in a loving manner.

• I will practice good stewardship by respecting the possessions of others and the facilities where we stay.

• I will avoid being loud, crude, and vulgar because such behavior intrudes upon others.

• I will be a positive influence on others.

Consequences for breaking this covenant will be determined by adult staff and may include:

• I will pay for any damage I cause.

• I am aware that legal authorities will be called if I act unlawfully.

• I will provide my own ride home if required to leave.

• I am willing to commit to this covenant so our retreat will be a safe, positive growing experience for everyone.

I have read this statement and faithfully promise to abide by it. I understand that should I not abide by it, I will be responsible for my actions and will accept my consequences.


We recommend a $50 down payment to hold your place.  Please click here to review the cancellation policy posted on the Flathead Lake UMC website.

*Camper Fee

As you consider your family’s financial situation, please also consider the true cost of camp.  You get to choose the tier that best fits your family’s ability to pay.  Each camper receives the same high quality experience, regardless of the amount paid.

  • Tier 1 is the actual cost of camp plus an additional $50 to help other campers registered at a discounted rate.
  • Tier 2 is the actual cost of the camp.
  • Tier 3 is a discounted rate.

This serves as an agreement to pay.  Payment options include:

  • Online by credit card -- You will be redirected to a payment page when you click "Submit" below.
  • Check -- Send your check to FLUMC, c/o Gail Tronstad, PO Box 803, Helena, MT   59624. To ensure proper accounting please include camper name and the camp attending.
Tier I -- pays full cost and helps another camper attend ($249) 171 available
Tier II -- pays full cost to attend ($199) 156 available
Tier III -- discounted cost ($175) 173 available
Tier I -- pays full cost and helps another camper attend: There are only 171 available
Tier II -- pays full cost to attend: There are only 156 available
Tier III -- discounted cost: There are only 173 available
Comments or Camp Payment Notes
Special Meals Needed.

If your camper's dietary needs require the preparation of special meals (vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free) there is an additional $5 per day charge to cover the camp's cost of the food.  If the camper can manage the dietary restrictions on his/her own, or will bring their own food for us to prepare, this is not required.  Questions?  Contact camp manager Jerran at manager@flatheadlake.org or 406-833-3463.  

Please add meals ($20)
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